I Believe All Businesses Have The Power To Create Quality Content, Digital Products, and Meaningful User Experiences

👋 Andrew McCall is a freelance web developer based in Traverse City, Michigan. His passion for web development started when he was a young child playing with WYSIWYG editors like Geocities and Angelfire.

Web development has taken him on a journey full of discovery, excitement, and love for technology. Web development is a beautiful thing. Andrew is a skilled full stack web developer who loves a variety of languages and technologies. His goal is to help move the web forward.

When he isn’t coding he likes to spend time with his beautiful wife and dog. Andrew is a avid bicyclist, butcher, and musician. He also enjoys Star Trek. 🌴

Web Development Philosophy

Productive websites are created through careful testing and development of responsive, and accessible user experiences. My skills with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, ExpressJS, MongoDB, and NodeJS are the tools I use to create clean, effective user experiences that drive user engagement.

Technology moves ahead but it is not always the best choice. Utilizing stable and mature frameworks allows us as web developers to create clean, maintainable code.

New frameworks and technologies are fun, too, but having a product that is backward compatible, accessible, and maintainable that provides a clean user experience that is high converting is what I aim to contribute to your business or project.

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