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Bootstrap 5 is a sleek, responsive web design framework for any company that allows you to quickly and efficiently create an attractive website. The html was designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to work with. Furthermore, this template includes a responsive design that will automatically adjust based on the device being used - whether mobile device or desktop computer. Responsive web design is becoming the standard as people continue to use multiple devices across a variety of screens.

Bootstrap 5 Framework

Just a quick project to refresh myself on bootstrap since it is now on version 5.

Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework for designing responsive web sites. Bootstrap has now reached its fifth version with several new features and enhancements. One example of the upgrade is the addition of “modals” which are dialog boxes that can contain either text or HTML content, and they offer users more flexibility over their layout.

This project also features the animate css library, small bits of custom css, and vanilla javascript to lazy load static assets.

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