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Website Design Traverse City: On Point Cutlery

The client required a website for their mobile sharpening business. The aim was to add professional authority to their business with an online presence. Their goal was to attract more customers via organic search to their business.

To achieve their goal, we decided the best approach was to use a simple static website. I chose Hugo as the static site generator to generate the static pages efficiently. To streamline the process, I chose the following tools:

  • Bootstrap 4.6 for css
  • Animate On Scroll Library
  • JQuery
  • Magnific Plugin
  • Google Fonts
  • FormCake
  • Vanilla JS
  • Git
  • Deployed With Vercel

Project Concerns

CSS/JS Assets

This project relied on some heavy libraries and plugins. I installed as much as the css that I could and used Hugo to minify and bundle them together so there would be fewer requests. There were a few cdn requests so I made sure to preload them to speed up the initial response time.


I converted as many as the images I could to webp format. One thing I would do differently is to make a jpg fallback and use html 5 picture tag to natively fallback to jpeg or png if needed. As it is, webp is mostly supported now but there are a few Safari browsers that won’t be able to support it.


Since this project is pretty small, I decided rather than hosting it on a cheap shared hosting service to use vercel to build from git and serve at the edge.

Final Thoughts

A perfect use case of when less is more. On Point Cutlery did not want to be overwhelmed with a complicated website. This site gets straight to the point for them and delivers the information they want to share with their potential customers.

  • Date

    03 Oct, 2021
  • Categories

    Design, Web Development
  • Client

    On Point Cutlery
  • Skills

    Web Design/Development

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