The Dify Store

A modern html template theme for The Dify – an online novelty, brand, swag, and engraving business. The template features Bootstrap 5.0 and is completely responsive. It is also very quick scoring a 100% on GTMetrix.

The site can be managed easily via markdown files or easily extended for integration with popular cms solutions like Wordpress of Strapi.

The client wanted an “artsy” theme to compliment the colorfulness of the the business’ products. The client also requested some wood-grained accents for background images.

Overall, this is just a simple, straightforward html theme that uses Bootstrap 5. I did not use the baked-in Bootstrap JS. I did, however, choose to leave it in the template for the developer I made this for who does not write javascript.

Overall a simple project that the client was happy about

  • Bootstrap 5
  • Swiper.js
  • AOS.js
  • SCSS
  • Vanilla JS
  • Hugo
  • git
  • deployed with vercel

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