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Our Web Design Process

1Goal Identification

We work with you to identify what your business goals are and what the purpose of your website is going to be.

2Scope Definition

Once we know your site's goals, we start to think about what web pages and features your new site will need to fulfill your goals. This is when we also start to develop a timeline for your project.

3Sitemap and Wireframing

We create a sitemap to start thinking of how your site's pages will relate to each other. Then we start to wireframe your project to give you a visualization of how your site's layout will start to look.

4Content Creation

Now that we have an overall idea of your site, it's time for you to go to action. Having your content is vital to the process. This is where you write out your content and gather any media assets your site will need so we can ensure your content is laid out perfectly on your new site.

5Visual Assets

Now that we have an idea of how content will flow on the website, we can start thinking about your visual branding. Some businesses may already have a visual brand to work with. Don't worry if you don't. We can help you achieve a visual branding that leaves a lasting impression.

6Testing Your Site

Now that all of the pages are well defined and we have an idea of how to display your content, it is time to make sure it is functioning correctly. We combine manual and automated methods to test the functionality of your website for errors.

7Launch Time

Once everything is working at tip-top performance, it is time to plan and launch your new website. This is when we plan the date and time and figure out how you are going to let people know about your new website!

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Brands That Trust Us

Absolutely Gorgeous Interiors
Chine And Feather
Conquer Coaching
Protoweb Digital Solutions
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TC Coding Dojo

Real Estate Web Design

This modern real estate web design has many attractive assets. It has clear call to actions and provides several trust indicators such as branding and testimonials. The design clearly states the purpose of the website and maintains a composed, clean asthetic. The design is eloquent, but minimal. This means that visitors will not be distracted by design elements as they browse the page.

Real Estate Web Design

Our Web Design Services

We believe that a frictionless user experience is the best way to attract new paying customers. Our web design process ensures that your visitors will be navigating a well optimized, mobile-first website that will leave a lasting impression on them through smart, clean branding.

Custom Wordpress Web Design

Wordpress templates and themes can speed up the processes at the risk of being generic and blending in with your competition. Many themes require a costly yearly licensing fee to maintain access to security updates. Having a wordpress theme designed from scratch will help you have full control over your website as well as a unique branding message that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Using Elegant Themes? We can tell. Don't have a boring generic website when you can have an impressive, bespoke design that leaves a lasting impression on your current and future clients.
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Landing Page Web Design

If you are getting traffic through your campaigns but your conversion is falling flat, we can help you. We specialize in designing bespoke landing pages that are user experience oriented with proven design systems that help fulfill your campaign goals. We can create a visually stunning design for your landing page that uses all of the best practices to ensure you are establishing trust with your potential client and delivering to their tailored needs.
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Logo Design

Maybe you don't need a full web design for your project. We can help you design a unique logo for your brand that can compliment your current website design or be the foundation for a future design. Each logo is delivered with several variations and file types to meet the most common needs.
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ADA Compliant Website Design

We know you want to meet all of your clients expectations. That is why our web designs are 100% tested for ADA compliance. Additionally, all websites created by our development team will be 100% functional for screen readers as well. We know how important it is to serve visual and hearing impaired folks. We use several ADA testing tools to ensure that your website design will meet all ADA requirements for accessibility.
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Responsive Web Design

We are increasingly using our mobile devices to find products and services online. Our responsive web design services will ensure you rank higher on google with a mobile-friendly design and quality page experience. We will increase your website traffic and conversions through well optimized mobile-friendly web design practices. Get started with a free consultation today.
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UX Web Design

User Experience is our focus. We believe that your visitors should have the best possible experience on your website. If their experience is frictionless, they are more likely to convert to paying customers. That is why we focus our web designs to use all of the best practices for user experience. We optimize and test designs until you are happy with the results. What are you waiting for? Get a free consultation today.
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Mobile App Design

We can ensure your branding maintains consistency across all of your channels. Our web designers specialize in cross-platform designs that look beautiful on any device that your community uses. We can assist you with wireframing, prototyping, custom animations, as well as custom icon design. We can also help you develop your custom applicaton as an integrated part of your product team.
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Small Business Web Design

Small businesses can benefit tremendously from a professional web design. We work with businesses of all sizes to make sure they can afford to upgrade their branding and presentation layer. Having a professional design and branding can make your small business stand out in the crowd. We can handle the design processes and the development processes as well. If you think getting a bespoke, custom web design for your small business is too expensive, then you will be surprised. We recognize the value of small businesses in northern Michigan and can help you get a better web design for your business that elevates your authority.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Web Design In Traverse City, Michigan

Is Responsive Web Design Enough?

Responsive Web Design used to give you an advantage. Now it is simply a requirement. Not only do websites have to be responsive, but they also have to have a great user experience and be 100% accessible for those who are impaired. Our Designers look at industry best practices and user exeperience theory to make sure your web design is as functional and easy to use as possible.

Can A Web Developer Also Be A Web Designer?

Yes, a web developer can also be a web designer. Hiring a dedicated web designer is always a best practice if you can afford it. Web design and web development are two different niche specialties that do overlap in some cases. A web developer may not be as versed in the theory of design and it's best practices. Conversely, a web designer may not know how to actually code your website to meet the requirements of the design.

How Much Do Web Designers Charge?

To hire a web designer onto your project you should expect to have at least $3000 dollars set aside for your web design and web development project. During the web design process, there are often many changes to factor in. Information or design elements may have not been included in the initial wireframe and need to be added after the fact. Web Designers usually need at least 40-80 hours to complete their job sucessfully. More depending on the scope of the project.

What Is The Best Place To Hire A Web Designer?

The cheapest option is always going to be looking towards places like fiverr or upwork to hire a cheap graphic designer. I suggest working locally so that you can meet the graphic designer and be able to communicate more effectively. Local graphic designers will usually cost more but are able to meet you in person, review the design with you often, and make changes as your ideas and business changes.

How To Hire A Web Designer?

All good web designers will have a portfolio to present you. If a web designer does not have a portfolio, then you will want to find a different web designer to interview for your project.

Is the potential designer asking questions about your business and your goals or are they exclusively focused on the design aspect? If the designer isn't interested in your business goals, they will most likely do a poor job designing your website. A Designer needs to have a complete understanding of your goals in order to create a design that meets them.

There portfolio should have examples that demonstrate how they can solve your problem. If they show you their portfolio and it looks like they have never designed a product that solves your problem, they may not have the experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Can the potential designer provide references? If they are unable to provide references they may not be an expert in their industry yet. If there are no references, it is okay to ask the potential designer to create a small demo work for you. It is best to get feedback from other clients or experts in the industry to help you answer some of the questions about the potential designer.

What Are The Disadvantages To Using A Website Template?

There are a few negatives of using a template for your website. First, the templates can be quite generic and not very customizable. This means that your website may not look very unique compared to other websites. Second, the templates may not be very mobile-friendly, which can be a problem if most of your visitors are accessing your website from their phones or tablets. Finally, the templates may not be very updated or optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

Should I buy A Web Template From Theme Forest?

There are pros and cons to buying a template from Theme Forest. On the one hand, you can get a high-quality template for a relatively low price. On the other hand, you may not be able to customize the template as much as you want to.

Is It Okay To Use A Low Cost Or Free Website Template For My Business?

There's no right or wrong answer to this question - it depends on your business and what you're looking for in a website template. If you're on a tight budget, free templates can be a great option; however, they may not always be customizable or as professional-looking as paid templates. If you have the money to invest, paying for a high-quality template or professional web design can be worth it in the long run, as it will likely be more customizable and look more polished.

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Call it data-driven, human-centric creative. On the surface it might look like branding, a website, digital marketing, social media and content strategy, or SEO and analytics. But whatever we create, it won't simply be some brilliant ad copy or fancy logomark that exists in a vacuum. It will be a shared experience that resonates in the daily lives of your audience with purpose and meaning. Most importantly, it will be measurable.

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Traverse City Web Design, LLC. is a top-rated web design agency in picturesque Northern Michigan. We create, repair and host websites for small & medium size businesses in Michigan, and across the country. We can make you an amazing new website. We can make your current website better. We can help your company use the internet in new ways.

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Since 1996, Traverse Web has evolved from a full service domain hosting provider to a leading Traverse City web design and development company. As veterans of the local digital scene here in Traverse City, our web design services are tailored to meet the needs of small business and enterprise-level organizations alike. By providing affordable, flexible, and customizable website design and development solutions, we at Traverse Web have distinguished ourselves among the other web design companies in Traverse City.

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Byte Productions provides custom web design & development, mobile & responsive web design, custom programming, web & email hosting, online event registration and SEO Services. Established in 1991, we are the most experienced, well-respected website design company in Traverse City, Michigan!

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